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Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Viking Books for Young Readers


The most adorable pet monster ever shows what everyone needs: hugs!

When Shelly adopts her pet monster Hugsby she loves everything about him. It doesn't matter that he can't do fancy tricks, or whistle, or blow bubbles. He gives the best hugs ever. But when Pet Monster Show and Tell Day arrives, Shelly worries. What can Hugsby do? All the other pet monsters can juggle or do flips or even Hula-hoop! Finally, it's time to show everyone her beloved Hugsby . . . and finally Shelly realizes that what she loves about Hugsby is more important than fancy tricks. Hugsby gives the best hugs ever!

About the Author

Tiemdow goes by "Dow" (rhymes with "wow!"). Her last name, Phumiruk, has a sneaky silent h: Poo-mee-ruck.
Dow came to America from Thailand as a child and became a pediatrician. While raising her daughters, she found her passion in children's book art. She lives in Lone Tree, Colorado, near Denver with her husband of over two and a half decades, three artistic daughters, one dwarf rabbit, one guinea pig, one tiny frog, and a really cool, old bearded dragon named Sparkles. Dow also enjoys fast and furious sewing projects and limited (she's not that athletic) hiking.