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No More Diapers (Bit by Bit I Learn More and I Grow Big)

No More Diapers (Bit by Bit I Learn More and I Grow Big)

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Publication Date: February 1st, 2022
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Nono, a cute baby monkey, has a new potty! After all, diapers... Yuck, they stink! Will you help Nono stop using diapers and help him use the potty?

This fantastic interactive story is perfect for playing with your little ones and helping them leave their diapers behind, just like Nono! Nono is already using the potty. Three cheers for Nono!

No More Diapers is part of the Bit by Bit I Learn More and I Grow Big collection, which is a reference collection designed for children from 0 to 3 years old.

Collection features:

- It addresses kids’ first big challenges, with animals as the main characters.

- It has been supervised by early year's educators.

- The stories are interactive: children must play and help the different animals.

- The books are made of cardboard and have a handle, so children can carry them around more easily.

- The illustrations are fun and eye-catching, and stand out against the backgrounds.

The last page has a flap to open, where children can see the before and after of learning each challenge.

- The main animal character of each story encourages a friend to learn as well.

- They are short stories, designed for the attention span of the youngest children.

- The collection is a fun tool to encourage the little ones that they can perform the action, like the main characters of the stories.

- The text is in CAPITAL letters, the first that children learn. So they can use them again when they are older or have their siblings read them.

- It’ s the ideal book collection to help babies with their first big challenges!

Titles in the collection:

1) I Want a Bath

2) Let’ s Go to Sleep

3) Time to Eat

4) I Can Brush My Teeth

5) Bye-Bye Pacifier

6) No More Diapers

7) I Dress Myself

8) I Tidy Up After I Play

9) Let’ s Play Without Screens

About the Author

As a child, her two favorite things were a pencil and a white sheet of paper. She had heard in some remote place that there were people whose profession was to draw. If it was true, she wanted to be one of them!
When she grew up, her dream was still there, very strong, so she graduated in Fine Arts specializing in engraving and stamping.
In 2009 she won the 6th Lola Anglada Illustration Award for “Els contes d’ Ukanaburu”. A few years later, she would illustrate “Mosgo”, the winning novel of the XXI Edebé Prize for Children's Literature in 2013.
Her passion has become her profession and a way of life that she adores, so she is one of those strange beings who love and enjoy their work.