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College Admissions Workshop

This two-hour workshop is for high school seniors preparing for college admission. Many colleges require a personal statement or common application essay which helps the school learn more about the prospective student and their interests. This lesson will support college-bound students in writing a compelling, focused essay. This workshop will prepare students with prompts to outline their story and a space to start drafting in their words as they brainstorm leading questions, consider writing tips and analyze their key points. This session will be a small working group with necessary participation from the student in a learning and growth-minded environment. There will be time allotted to dive into self-reflection and writing. Follow up sessions for further drafting and editing will be considered based on demand. 

This session is built off a years-long program through 826National and hosted by a previous board member and volunteer, Lauren Lilley. Lauren lives in the Platt Park neighborhood of Denver with her partner and young girls. She is passionate about writing and providing access to higher education opportunities for anyone wanting to learn! Lauren is thankful to Second Star to the Right for providing a wonderful and inclusive community space to help people of all ages learn and grow! 

Date: 09/16/2023
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm
Second Star to the Right
1455 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210-2634