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Jean Reagan is Coming to Denver!

Join us at Second Star for a reading with author, Jean Reagan. Please RSVP :) Duffeyroll provided!


I am a children's author living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was born in Fairhope, Alabama, but spent most of my childhood in Japan. Peter and I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 30 years. We started our family in 1986 when we adopted a baby boy, John. Two years later we adopted a baby girl, Jane. They shared a happy childhood. We camped, hiked, boated, but our favorite thing to do was to read stacks and stacks of library books together. Since the summer of 2000, my husband and I have served as seasonal backcountry volunteers in Grand Teton National Park. I started writing for children in 2003. My first book, ALWAYS MY BROTHER, (2009, Tilbury House Publishers) is a story that mirrors a family tragedy that struck us. On November 3, 2005, after a challenging year, our son John died of a drug overdose at the age of nineteen. Our family has struggled to cope with his death, even as we try to honor and cherish his memory.

HOW TO BABYSIT A GRANDPA, (2012, Knopf Books for Young Readers) is a humorous picture book about a little boy and his grandpa. Its companion book, HOW TO BABYSIT A GRANDMA, (2014), is a sleepover story about a grandmother and her granddaughter. Both these books made the NYTimes and Indie bestseller lists. These two books have become the start of a HOW-TO "series." HOW TO SURPRISE A DAD came out in March, 2015 and HOW TO CATCH SANTA came out in October, 2015. In 2017, HOW TO RAISE A MOM and HOW TO GET YOUR TEACHER READY were published. A "spooky" Halloween book, HOW TO SCARE A GHOST, joined the series in 2018 and HOW TO READ TO A GRANDMA OR GRANDPA in 2020. The newest book, HOW TO WELCOME A NEW BABY, has a publication date of January 4, 2022.

I have also written stories for Highlights Magazine and Boys' Quest.

Jamie Weiss Chilton of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency represents me.

Date: 10/24/2023
Time: 10:00am - 10:45am
Second Star to the Right
1455 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210-2634