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A Way to Give Back!
Inspired by Category Is Books in Glasgow Scotland
Second Star to the Right has created it a new pay-it-forward program for LGBTQ+ books!

What it is: A special shelf in our store full of books that have been pre-purchased by the community to give away to youth who aren’t otherwise able to access books with LGBTQ+ characters.


How it works: Anyone can stop by the store and take a book from the shelf, no questions asked!


How to donate: Stop by the store to get some suggestions from booksellers, purchase a book, and place it on the shelf!

What if I’m not in the area and want to donate?

That’s awesome! Feel free to call or email the store to choose and purchase a title, or shop from our inventory on our website! Just select Curbside pickup so you aren’t charged shipping, and let us know in the notes that it’s a donation to Gay it Forward.


What If I’m not in the area and need a book?

We’re working on it! Right now, donated books have to be physically picked up, but we’ve got grand plans to make the donated books more accessible.


Have questions? Work with youth in need of some titles?

Click to buy and donate these books online!

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