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About the Author:

MarcyKate Connolly is a New York Times bestselling children’s book author and nonprofit administrator who lives in New England with her family and a grumble of pugs. She graduated from Hampshire College (a magical place where they don’t give you grades) where she wrote an opera sequel to Hamlet as the equivalent of senior thesis. It was also there that she first fell in love with plotting and has been dreaming up new ways to make life difficult for her characters ever since. You can visit her online at

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About the Featured Book:

Hollow Dolls

Simone is a mind-reader. She knows a great many things, but she can’t seem to remember anything about her past. So when she gets the chance to search for her family, she sets off to find her home.

When she stumbles across a man with two minds inside him—the real one, shoved deep down, and one of a body walker, someone who can take over a person’s body against their will—Simone is even more eager to leave her old life behind.

As Simone dives deeper into her history, she learns truths she never could have imagined. But as those she loves start disappearing around her, Simone knows only she can stop the evil, before it’s too late.


Available Date for School Visit: February 5th

Available Time for School Visit: Morning and Afternoon

Grades: Middle Grade (4th - 7th grades)

Presentation Time: 1 Hour (includes 10 - 15 minutes for Q + A) 

Audience Requirements: Auditorium-sized group - 100+ Students

A/V Requirements: 

PowerPoint Presentation




Presentation Topic: The Long Winding Road to Publication – An inspirational talk on the path to publication and the importance of never giving up, along with show and tell of the various stages of the publishing process.

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Book Sale Minimum: 30 Books per School

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