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Click anywhere below to access Second Star's bookshop database where you can order books for delivery right to your door!

Can I place an order for pick up at Second Star?
Unfortunately, since we don’t do any of the order fulfillment for orders placed through bookshop, books can only be shipped directly from the distributors to you! 
Can I place an order from you directly to support you?
Yes! You can visit our online shop HERE, or email us at, or call 303-733-3773. We are open for browsing, and doing curbside pick up as well. We are also shipping orders. Our online store has a limited but growing selection, for our full inventory it’s best to call or email. We are happy to help with recommendations if you email us at! Additionally, ordering from Bookshop DOES support us! We earn proceeds from every sale, and right now, Bookshop has increased this portion to support us even more! Order away!
I placed an order from Bookshop but haven’t received it. Can you help me track it down?
Because Bookshop is hands-off for us, your best bet is to check if you have received a shipping notification in your email! We can verify a purchase was made, but cannot access information beyond that. If you are still having issues, you can contact Bookshop at 
I’m part of your loyalty program in-store. Will I get credit for this purchase?
Unfortunately, because Bookshop isn’t linked to our in-store system, there is no way for us to keep track of your purchases or running total. ): We’re brainstorming ideas on how to thank you for your purchases though, so stay tuned!
I’m an educator, can I use my discount online?
Unfortunately, Bookshop doesn’t currently allow for discount codes. We’re hoping that in the future, that may change! 
Can I still pre-order books for 10% off?
Yes! We have made select books available for pre-order HERE. Many titles on Bookshop are also discounted. 
Can I still order toys from you?
Yes! We’ve made select toys and games available via our website that will ship directly to you. Shop for them HERE!

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