Keith & Chenoa Egawa Talk Environmentalism and Storytelling

From the moment the first beat of Chenoa’s drum vibrated through the computer, I was mesmerized. So mesmerized, in fact, that I forgot that I was actually hosting the event and was supposed to be displaying the beautiful artwork from Keith and Chenoa Egawa’s illustrated middle grade novel, The Whale Child. This would not be the last time in this one hour event that I got so lost in the storytelling, I forgot all semblance of professionalism.

This timely tale is one that our generations need desperately. It is a tale to connect us back to our roots, to our Mother Earth, and to all the incredible Life she provides. Keith and Chenoa manage to take an immensely difficult topic and break it down in an easy to digest story that follows a whale turned human child and his land-walking human sister. Together, they observe the environment and all of the ways human habits are affecting the world.

A story at once full of ancient wisdom and a new spark of hope, The Whale Child is the perfect story for readers of all ages. Educators can especially appreciate all of the back matter, lesson plans, reading guides, and activities included in this book. The illustrations within each chapter are mesmerizing, telling a story all on their own.

It wasn’t just the rhythmic drums, Chenoa’s beautiful singing, or listening to their soft, soothing voices tell a story that just FEELS like Mother Nature is whispering a tale to you across the warm wind. There is something so simple and yet so powerful in their story, that you can’t help but to be drawn in and to feel the truths that they are speaking resonate deep in your bones.

Want to feel those truths for yourself? Watch a recording of the event below, and don't forget to snag a copy HERE.

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