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Big Ideas for Little Thinkers: Demystifying Philosophy for Kids

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Do Kids Like Asking Questions?

Anyone that’s spent time around kids that talk knows they love to ask questions and have conversations about their ideas. Kids are, by nature, curious and questioning. This makes them natural philosophers.

But what is philosophy? Isn’t Philosophy—the word with a big P—only taught at expensive, fancy schools? Isn’t Philosophy something that’s hard? To that I have one answer: It doesn’t need to be. The core of philosophy revolves around being able to ask questions and use reasoning— ideas from experience, examples, experiments — to answer those questions. Those questions can be as simple or complex as you like: What is beauty? What is truth? What is fairness? What is justice? How do I know what I know? What does it mean to be alive? If we were "Doing Philosophy" those questions would fall under aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, and ontology.