Support Local Now. Enjoy Local Later.

These are times of extreme uncertainty, and for many, extreme Anxiety. There’s so much to worry about, so much we don’t know for sure, so much about the Future that remains in limbo. But even in the middle of so much darkness, there is so much light to be found.

Community is what keeps us moving forward, buoys us in times of distress and propels us forward in times of abundance. And Community is exactly what is going to get us through this prolonged stretch of duress. Independent bookstores have been beacons of light in their communities for as long as they have existed and will continue to be long after this pandemic is over. We at Second Star to the Right want you to know that we are still here to be that beacon for you. Dea Lavoie, the store owner, made the decision to keep 100% of her staff employed and to shift her business model into the digital realm. “My staff is vital to making my vision for Second Star a reality,” says Dea. “I can plant the seeds of ideas, and they make them grow. I will do everything in my power to support them and keep them safe in this unpredictable time as long as I can.”

Her dedicated staff has been working hard to bring FREE virtual events with authors, community groups, actor/poet James Brunt, live storytimes with staff members, book clubs, advisory boards and so much more. Second Star has events booked out through the rest of April and into May, with events for all ages. We are even working with schools to include our events in the lesson plans to help ease the burden on educators.

“I know what a challenge it was for us to switch from a brick and mortar business to completely digital, so I can’t even imagine the struggles that our educators are facing,” says Second Star’s school and author liaison, Lauren Casey.

Even though we are all keeping our physical distance and doing our part to help flatten the curve (or at least I hope we are) we can still support each other. We can still come together and find ways to weather through this as a community.

Many of your local, neighborhood businesses are still operating, even if you can’t walk through their doors. They need you right now just as much as you need them. For Second Star, you can purchase a huge list of titles on, purchase audiobooks through, order gift cards, or pre-order select titles as a way to help support the store. And to make up the difference while we’re closed, we’ve also started a GoFundMe. Anything you can contribute helps.

Remember, even amidst social distancing, you can make a difference in your community. It’s as simple as supporting local now so you can enjoy it later.

with books, love, and magic,

Second Star

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