We are open for browsing!

Our hours are:

Monday - Sunday 9am - 6pm

We are offering in-store browsing on a first-come-first-served basis.
Up to 3 customers are allowed in the store at a time. If your group is larger than 3 (including children) or there are other customers in the store when you arrive, please be prepared to wait a few minutes! We appreciate your patience. 
We encourage you to call or email ahead and let us know what you are looking for! Our booksellers are happy to curate a selection of books and toys for you to look through when you arrive. This helps us to help you most efficiently, and can be especially useful if you have small children that will be in the store with you!

Up to 3 customers are allowed in the store at a time (including children).

Customers should try to refrain from handling products they don’t intend to buy - if they decide against purchasing an item they have handled, they should place it in the “quarantine bin."

Before entering the store, customers must use hand sanitizer provided.

We’re a family friendly store, and understand our youngest customers may have a hard time not touching their face/products. We’ve tried our best to remove temptations, and hope that parents will similarly try their best to keep everyone safe! 

ALL customers 3 and up MUST wear masks from the moment they are in line/outside the store until they leave.

At this time we are not accepting cash payment! We are accepting cards, and can arrange for online payment methods (venmo, square, etc) if necessary!

Customers in line outside the store must remain 6 feet apart (noted in chalk on the sidewalk)

We look forward to seeing you!

Need some time for private shopping?
Please get in touch and we'll be happy to work with you!