How do you read? Where do you read?

We know you read all the time (you’re reading right now!), so we want to see how FUN you can read! Take on this reading challenge with at least 5 books to earn a $5 gift card, plus a chance to win more prizes when you return the Summer Reading sheet by August 31st.

Download your own printable Summer Reading sheets below to start your Summer Reading FUN!


Color Print


Black & White Print

When you’ve completed your challenge...

Submit your worksheet online by filling out the form below or just drop your completed worksheet in store through the mail slot (in our purple door by the whale mural) or hand to a bookseller.  Our booksellers will be in touch with your reward and if you win any additional prizes.

Be sure to include your information on the sheet in order to receive your reward!

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Audiobook listener?

Track your Summer Listening progress with for a chance to win even more cool prizes and free audiobooks for a year!  Your audiobook membership helps support bookstores like us!


Reader and Writer?

Keep track of your favorite bits and pieces of your summer reading by writing it down in this journal from the American Booksellers Association. Download it below!


Wheres Waldo on South Pearl!

Waldo’s hiding on South Pearl Street! Join us on a two month scavenger hunt to uncover him in business windows along the block. Download your own board below!

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