Welcome to “Village Parenting: Sharing What We Know.”

We are a diverse community of caregivers who gather once a month to grow and expand our knowledge with one another.

Each month, we will learn from a special presenter and have time for individual sharing of experiences. So many people with diverse set of passions live right here in our community that this series will provide a platform for us to come together as a village.

Village Parenting: New Kids & the Family Dog

It’s incredible to experience the joy of seeing your baby crawl, sit up and walk for the first time. However, this period of constant change can be especially challenging for the family dog. Tanya Lim, founder & head trainer at Family Pupz, will join us to share must-know tips & management strategies on how to live safely and harmoniously with dogs & toddlers.



Tanya Lim  is a licensed educator and presenter for the Family Paws® Parent Education (FPPE). FPPE is the parent organization of two Internationally-licensed programs: Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™, which aim to provide specialized support for expecting and new families with dogs to help establish a safe and harmonious relationship between babies/toddlers and the family dog(s) in the home.




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