Welcome to “Village Parenting: Sharing What We Know.”

We are a diverse community of caregivers who gather once a month to grow and expand our knowledge with one another.

Each month, we will learn from a special presenter and have time for individual sharing of experiences. So many people with diverse set of passions live right here in our community that this series will provide a platform for us to come together as a village.

Forget The Gym: Using Play And Daily Movement Vitamins To Feel Better And Move More 

Most of the adult tension patterns and aches and pains that I see in my practice are not some inevitable part of aging - they are more often reasonable response to decades of giving up movement or swapping more dynamic movement for a whole lot of sitting still. Our children, especially the younger ones, are great examples of the full capacity of human movement- they still get up and down from a squat, hang on monkey bars, twist, bend and move in all the ways. But as grown ups, we give up all of these necessary Movement Vitamins because we just aren't asked to use them - our culture doesn't encourage it, our environments are not set up for it... BUT there is a better way. You can use your little kids as the excuse to get these important Movement Vitamins back into your daily life AND you can help set up a space and lifestyle where your kids won't start losing them too.



Day Care Provided

Join Restorative Exercise Specialist Zoe Levine, as she reintroduces you to your body, breaks you out of these "grown up" cages that we put ourselves into, and helps you bring more freedom, fun, and ease back into your life. By the end, you'll feel great and have a solid plan for how to bring more movement, strength, and playfulness into your everyday life... even with the kids!

No gym required.




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