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Book fairs are a wonderful way to promote literacy in your community while also giving back to your school! Today’s ever-changing world demands flexibility, so we have several options for schools to choose from.

In School  Book Fair

Work with our School Liaison to curate a book list that fits your school needs and demographic perfectly!

Book fairs typically run for one week with a Second Star staff member present to help set up and check inventory in for the first day as well as break down and reconcile remaining inventory on the last day.

We provide all book inventory and necessary POS technology (including a PayPal reader, store device and cash box) so you can focus on running an amazing book fair! We will even create a school flyer and “sneak peek” lookbook featuring the most popular titles!

Second Star will donate a portion of the proceeds back to the school at the end of the book fair!

Virtual  Book Fair

We understand that not all schools are ready/able to host events in the building yet,  so we’ve partnered with to bring you all virtual book fairs!

With a vast selection of books available, our School Liaison will work with you to create a main page branded with your school logo and up to 25 customized book lists to share with your school community.

Virtual book fairs allow families and staff to browse a wider selection of books and shop at their own convenience, including titles not included in the customized book lists. This means virtually endless opportunities!

Check out an example page here.

Second Star will also donate a portion of the proceeds back to the school at the end of the virtual book fair!

In Store Book Fair

Similar to a Donation Night, we also set up book fairs in store to help support your school!

Families, staff and even our local community can shop our entire in store inventory (including books, toys and more!) during specific dates to count towards the book fair total.

In order to have sales count towards your book fair, families just need to visit the store during the book fair dates and mention your school name at checkout. We’ll handle the rest, including creating an in store display to help get the word out and a “sneak peek” flyer to help you advertise with your school community.

A portion of the total sales will be donated back to the school at the end of the book fair!

Hybrid Book Fair

Not sure which option works best for your school?

You can create a hybrid book fair using different parts of any of the options above for a custom option that fits your needs!

Fill out our contact form or email our School Liaison for more information or to set up your book fair today!

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