How to Yoga at Home (with Kids)

As you might imagine, doing yoga at home with your kids, under a certain age, can be either wonderful or unimaginably difficult. Sometimes it is smooth and relaxing, sometimes you are a human jungle gym, sometimes they participate for two minutes and then run off, and sometimes they flat out refuse to do it.  But the more you do yoga at home with your kids, and the better the resources you have, the easier it is on you and the more rewarding it is for all of you.

To me, the benefits of doing yoga at home with kids, regardless of whether or not they participate fully, are the exposure to the calming/spiritual language of the practice and their observation of a form of self-care. Your kids can pick up on techniques just by watching you do them, or they can master one pose and then you can enjoy watching their confidence increase as they practice it over and over again! There are many positive outcomes from doing yoga at home with your kids, none of them bad, although it likely will look different from your own practice. Take heart in the fact that you are modeling a good self care routine, a healthy, low-impact style of exercise, and some personal relaxation techniques that could make a long-term difference in their lives. 

Now let's do some yoga!

Our Favorite Kids' Yoga Books:

More at-home Yoga Resources:

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