Straight On 'Til Hopscotch: Fun Ways to Play Outside

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine and fresh air to chase the cabin fever away. So let's stretch stretch our legs and celebrate play that gets us safely outside and admiring our environments!

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A few scavenger hunt ideas to turn any space into an adventure!

Earth Day Inspiration

We may celebrate Earth Day in April, but it's never too late to learn about the world around us. For some Earth Day inspired activities and printables, look no further than these ideas from Brightly!

Pine Code Bird Feeder

Leave a tasty treat for our bird friends! Because who doesn't want to hear birdsong in their backyard?

DIY Bubble Solution!

Don’t have bubble wands? Consider using a reusable straw.

Want more inspiration for game play?

Check out these ideas from The Genius of Play!

And now for a fun way to use all those extra toilet paper rolls...

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars:


  • Toilet paper roll x2

  • Paper

  • String

  • Scissors

  • Hole puncher (optional)

  • Tape or glue

  • Stickers or markers to decorate

Step 1:

Attach the toilet paper rolls together with glue or tape.

Step 2:

If not using a hole puncher, tape or glue string to the outer sides of the attached rolls.

Step 3:

Cut paper to size and wrap around attached toilet paper rolls and tape or glue to secure

Step 4:

If using a hole puncher, punch holes on the outer sides of the attached rolls and tie string.

Step 5:

Decorate as desired and prepare to explore!


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