Do Science! Flex Your STEAM Brain!

For our final week of Play All May, we’re embracing the power of STEAM (science technology engineering art and math) to practice working through everyday challenges and to inspire some creativity in all of us. Why the 'A,' you ask? Well, while it's been well covered that STEM curriculums help encourage critical thinkers, art is an equally important part of that process. Art is what helps kids learn to think outside the box and turn those critical thinking skills into innovation skills. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite STEAM activities to get those brains exercising, puzzling, and asking 'why' until school is back in session, and beyond!

Printable Lego Challenge

A fun game for lego inspiration

Rock Candy Science Experiment

Science made delicious. Extra super delicious.

Get Artsy with Ooly

Whimsical printable postcards and colouring sheets

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

A colorful, recycled craft. Plus, who doesn't want to play with bubbles? When you're done making rainbows, stick around Hello, Wonderful for other magical learning and craft ideas!


One of the strangest compounds you’ll ever handle! Is it a solid? A liquid? Both? Who knows?

Just because May is winding down, doesn't mean the play has to end. Want more inspiration for game play? Check out these ideas from The Genius of Play!

And check out our other Play All May fun!


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