Mother's Day - Calming & Heartwarming Crafts for the Whole Family

To all Mothers & women who are guardians, we love you and appreciate all that you do! In order to celebrate you we thought we would send along a couple of calming and heart warming crafts for the family.

First, we wanted to take a moment to share The Calm Down Glitter Jar from our friends at Fat Brain Toys. We love it because aside from being mesmerizing it’s a wonderful sensory toy.

Next, a fun craft from our toy manager... The Crayon Heart: A work of art that lends surprises each time you do it!


  • Assortment of crayons

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Canvas or board

  • Hair Dryer

  • Newspaper or magazine (to catch mess)

Step 1:

Arrange the crayons into the shape of a heart on canvas. Feel free to cut a piece of paper into the shape of a heart or draw with a pencil for a guide.

Step 2:

Use a hot glue gun to attach crayons to the canvas, gluing from about the center of the crayon to the inner end. Allow to cool.

Step 3:

Using a hair dryer on high heat, blow dry the crayons starting from the centre of the crayons and working to the outer edge of the canvas. As the crayons begin to melt, apply heat from various angles to achieve various splatter patterns. Depending on the size of your heart this could take about an hour.

Step 4:

Continue melting crayons to your heart’s content then step back, admire, and give yourself a hug for creating something magical!


Inspired to share your creations with us? We’d love to see!

Email Shannon & Spinnie at or tag us on Instagram @secondstartotherightbooks

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